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How to add a MS Shared Mailbox account to your iPhone

Shared mail boxes are part of MS Office 365’s Exchange email system and are a fantastic resource. They hold 50GB of email, is free of cost and can be assigned to one person or to multiple people in a team. The only stipulation is that you have to have an existing email license in order…

Hackers breach email steal thousands of dollars, are you protected?

Aussie Hackers steal hundreds of thousands of dollars A spate of email attacks have reaped hackers hundreds of thousands of dollars when victim’s house deposits were stolen due to compromised email accounts. How it happens Have you ever received an message stating your email account is compromised or over quota and then prompting you to…

Is your Mac slowing down?

It’s not unusual for a Mac or iMac to slow down after a few months or years of usage. Computers have always been prone to getting bloated and clogged up with both user files and programs, and the modern age of large disks and memory have just allowed us to store more and more without…

Get rid of the Windows Lock Screen!

Apart from the Windows Lock Screen being very nice to look at, it serves no purpose and adds a barrier to you logging in.               If you’d like to get straight the logon screen and avoid the Lock Screen altogether, here’s how. Open the windows registry editor (regedit.exe) and…

Windows 10 update reboots when you don’t want it to!

If you’ve ever had the experience of Windows rebooting to install updates whilst you are trying to work then you know how frustrating it is. Thankfully there is something you can do to prevent this from happening. Click on Start, then the Settings Cog.           This will open the Settings Window….

Low Disk Space? Time for a Spring Clean!

Your hard drive is full. You’re running low on disk space. You need more room on your computer. Whilst they may sound different, they are in fact all the same issue. You’ve been putting it off, working around it and just generally avoiding dealing with the issue. It’s time to clean up your hard drive….

How to protect yourself from the WannaCry Virus!

What is the WannaCryptor Virus? This past month, a new variant of the CryptoLocker virus was released into the wild and has already infected over 185,000 systems in 100 different countries. This particular strain is known as WannaCry, Wana Decrypt0r, WannaCryptor, or WCRY. As mentioned above, WannaCryptor is a new variant of the CryptoLocker virus. CryptoLocker viruses…

How to select the right IT Company for your Business.

How to find the right IT Support company for your business. Finding the right company to look after your IT needs is critical to ensure you get the service you require. The selection process can be hit and miss, so here is a quick guide on how to find the right support company for you….

Configuring Port VLAN’s on the Netgear GS724T Smart Switch

How to setup a VLAN to share internet access whilst isolating the other VLAN’s. Documentation for specific setups is pretty scarce for Netgear so we are sharing a basic (but common) configuration from start to finish. Device: Netgear GS724Tv4 switch. Scenario: There is one internet connection via a standard Modem/Router combo device. There are four…

My Computer is Slow! What Can I Do?

So your computer has slowed down noticeably. Whether it’s all of a sudden or it’s been getting slower for a long time, you’ve decided that something needs to be done. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to go through some of the major cause s behind that sluggish behaviour. As always, if you have any…

Online Backup over quota? Do a quick self audit!

Are my backups over my limit? If you’re not sure if you’ve reached your backup quota, the first thing to do is to log into the Online Backup and Recovery Manager. This can normally be found on your desktop, but if not, a simple search from the start menu should bring it up. Once you’ve opened up…

Why your new laptop is so slow

Why is my new laptop so slow? When purchasing a laptop, we’ve been conditioned to look at the central processing unit (CPU) and memory and that’s about it as far as the internals go.  It’s always been bigger is better in regards to hard disk size, so as long as we have a decent CPU,…

Windows update not working

After a new installation of Windows 7, Windows Update simply won’t work as it stalls during the check for updates. A bug in the Windows Update client is the cause and it’s triggered when there are a lot of updates to process. This is resolved by applying the KB3172605 update. However, installing this update can…

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