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Cloud Backup Solutions

There are many risks to your data, whether it’s accidental deletion, virus infection, theft, or hardware failure, make sure your data is backed up before something bad happens.

Businesses are taking a real risk by ignoring the importance of cloud backups.
A proper business grade backup will include ‘point in time’ backups so you can restore data from any date.
Depending on your industry standards, you may need to have your data stored on Australian based servers in order to ensure compliance is met.

Many of the businesses we audit are backing up ineffectively, using old technologies that provide only minimal protection.
Local backups won’t help you if they are damaged, stolen or infected by a virus!
IN2Tech recommend having a local backup for ease of restoration and a cloud backup so you are completely covered.

Having a cloud based backup solution means you can relax.  No matter what happens in the office, your data is always recoverable.

Does your business need a cloud backup solution?

Today’s business runs on technology but technology is only as useful as the data we get out of it.
If your data were to vanish, what would it cost your business?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Would your business survive if a fire destroys your office or if you are cleared out in a burglary?
  • Are backups being done regularly and taken offsite?  Every day?
  • Do you know exactly what is being backed up?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all three, great, as long as you are aware of the risks then have you compared the cost risk ratio?
If you answered ‘No’ or ‘Don’t know’, then some urgent investigation is required!

Most people assume that just because a backup is performed, everything is OK. Unfortunately, we usually find that assumption is incorrect.

Data loss is serious business

In fact, there’s even a World Backup Day, created to encourage businesses of all sizes all around the world to backup regularly. The event brings attention to the need for effective backup, and is held on 31st March every year – the day before April Fool’s Day. Appropriate, as their motto is “Don’t be an April Fool. Backup your files and check your restores on March 31st.”

Online Backup Services

Most small to medium-sized businesses have experienced data loss at some point, and the majority struggle to restore that lost information.

But it doesn’t need to be that way! Advancements in backup technology now allow us to perform cloud-based backups efficiently and cost-effectively.
A secure online backup strategy alleviates many of the pitfalls inherent in old backup technologies.

Advantage of cloud backup vs. manual method

  • Zero staff interaction – once it is set up everything is automated and you don’t have to lift a finger!
  • Depending on your needs, you can backup data monthly, weekly, daily or hourly
  • Multiple backup copies means you can save a copy in house as well as in the cloud
  • Backups are stored in secure facilities (Tier III, military-grade facilities) in Melbourne – providing regulatory compliance and ease of access
  • Backups are offsite – secure against theft, fire and electrical damage.
  • No tapes or disks to worry about, and nothing to break, lose, drop or replace!

What is the cloud?

Besides those white things in the sky, the cloud – or cloud computing – is the concept of business data that is stored and secured on external servers.

Cloud computing has totally changed the way we work. One famous mantra often associated with the cloud is that “work is a thing you do, not a place you go”. With changing lifestyle factors, we have adapted to flexible working opportunities including working remotely and from home. With the cloud, you’re don’t have to be confined to an office desk and computer or regular 9am-5pm working hours.

With the power of the cloud, you can check emails, edit documents, and download files anywhere – all you need an the internet. That means you can access work data when:

  • You’re waiting at the airport for a domestic flight for business
  • You’re commuting to or from an important client meeting
  • You’re at home with a sick child or stuck with a flat car battery

The cloud opens up a host of business advantages, including reduced costs to maintain on-premise servers. A scalable cloud means a business uses exactly as much storage as it needs, and no more.

Cloud computing allows businesses to manage data, documents, and files from anywhere – all they need is an internet connection.

Want to explore a cloud backup solution for your business? Contact us today.

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