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Hosted Exchange brings enterprise class email to everyone.

With Hosted Exchange you can send and receive large emails (up to 25MB), view multiple mailboxes, share calendars and synchronize your email across all of your devices. Send from your phone and it will be in the sent items folder on your phone, PC, Laptop and tablet!

  • Share calendars or create a public calendar for staff scheduling.
  • Set Auto-Responders, Out of Office replies, Forwarders and more.
  • Going on holiday? Share your mailbox with a staff member so they can monitor it while your on the beach getting a tan!
  • Massive 50GB of storage for each mailbox.




What is the difference between Hosted Exchange and the POP/IMAP account I use?


A Post Office Protocol (POP) account is designed for home use.

  • Email is stored on your local computer and only the INBOX folder is downloaded.
  • No synchronization occurs with a POP account.
  • You cannot share mailboxes or calendars with a POP account.
  • 10MB incoming and outgoing mail size limit.
  • Usually a small email storage quota.


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) designed for home use.

  • Email is stored on a centralized server in the cloud and synchronized to each device.
  • Does not contain the collaboration tools that Hosted Exchange has (no sharing).
  • Limited synchronization.
  • Usually a small email storage quota.


Hosted Exchange is an enterprise class product designed for business use.

  • Email is stored on a centralized server in the cloud and synchronized to each device.
  • All mail folders, calendars, contacts etc are synchronized across all devices.
  • Mailboxes and calendars can be shared to multiple people.
  • Provides Outlook Web giving you access to all folders and calendars in web mail.


  • Forwarding, Out of Office and Auto-Responder setup is all included.
  • Hosted Exchange can send and receive emails up to 25MB in size.
  • Option to back up automatically in the cloud.


In a nutshell:

If you have multiple devices (Phone, tablet, PC) and want the emails that are on your laptop, PC and phone to be identical then Hosted Exchange is for you.

If you have multiple devices and don’t need a professional email system then go for IMAP.

If you don’t care that your email isn’t fully synchronized and don’t require the business features of Exchange then go for POP.

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