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IN2Tech Forum • View topic – Mapping O365 SharePoint Libraries in Windows 7

Access SharePoint Library’s like you do any other network folder.


SharePoint is usually set up to synchronize to local computers via Microsoft OneDrive.
We find that due to the regional locations or internet speed, that this process is frustrating our clients as OneDrive never stops synchronizing.

If you’d like to access SharePoint in the same way as you access local files, but don’t want the synchronization frustrations then this blog is for you.

We’ll show you how to set up a mapped drive to your library so you can access your files from Z-Drive or similar.  You can replicate this process easily for as many libraries as you like.


** Important – you must use Internet Explorer to have full access to the features required **

Log onto your SharePoint site and navigate to your library.

In Internet Explorer, open Internet Options and click on Security tab, then Trusted Sites.
Add in the following:  https://*  and https://*

Click on the ‘Return to classic SharePoint at the bottom left of the screen.

Click on the Library Tab at the top right of the window then click on ‘Open with Explorer‘ (see image 1 below).






Copy the path in the navigation field, this will be used to create the mapping to the drive letter.





Open up a text document and rename it to “O365 SP Maps.bat” or something equally as thrilling.
Edit the file and put the below line in (replacing the URL with the data you copied earlier
net use x: “paste your data here and leave the quotes”

Repeat the process for each additional library, changing the drive letter ‘x’ to a different letter each time.

Save and run the batch file to map your drives.

Open the Run prompt (Win Key + R) and type services.msc and hit enter.

Navigate to the WebClient service and ensure it’s startup type is set to Automatic and that it is running.

Without this step the mappings will fail.












Now reboot and ensure that the drive letters are still accessible.
That’s it, you should now have your SharePoint libraries nicely mapped to drive letters.
























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