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Shared mail boxes are part of MS Office 365’s Exchange email system and are a fantastic resource.
They hold 50GB of email, is free of cost and can be assigned to one person or to multiple people in a team.
The only stipulation is that you have to have an existing email license in order to use the shared mailbox.
Shared mail boxes do not have a password so can’t readily be added to non-MS Outlook clients such as smart phones but it can be done and here is how.


Step 1.
Tap on Settings and scroll down and tap on Accounts and Passwords

Tap on Add Mail Account                                              Tap on Accounts & Passwords                               Tap on Others













Step 2.  Lets say you have a shared mailbox of and your primary or licensed mailbox is which has a password of abcd1234
On the incoming server, set the email to the shared mailbox of and put in the password for the licensed account: abcd1234
For the outgoing server enter in the licensed credentials of with the password of abcd1234











Step 3.  Click Next or Done to finish











Step 4.

Step 5.


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