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It’s really no surprise to see how influential and integrated technology is.

In both our personal and professional lives, it’s hard to image a world without smartphones, notebooks, desktops, hard drives, and the cloud.

These days, technological change has a direct influence on a business, so if your business refuses to adapt, it wont be long before you’re left behind.

Below, we cover some common tech mistakes we’re often met with. By engaging in professional business IT support and services, our clients (and their businesses) have eliminated the following pitfalls of managing technology – and unleashed its full potential!– in their day-to-day business.

Insufficient IT ‘know-how’

Not everyone is a tech expert – and that’s OK!

It’s one thing to make a career out of business IT support, repairs, and solutions, but it is another to be familiar with latest trends, developments, and advances that can help propel your business.

Outdated hardware

Outdated hardware is slow, cumbersome, and frustrating.

We all remember the good old days (or should that be “bad old days”?) of dial-up internet and clumsy computers. Those days are way behind us now… unless you’re still relying on that server you bought in the early 2000s.

Sure, it’s good “enough” and it works “just fine”, but there are in fact some security risks you take when you refuse to update hardware. It’s not just a vanity thing (we promise!)

  • Vulnerabilities are more easily exploited
  • Hard drive failure is imminent
  • As parts become harder to find, repair becomes more expensive
  • You risk alienating a younger generation (of not only customers but employees, too)
  • You put a strain on your business’s communications

Outdated software

Just like outdated hardware can hinder your business’s productivity, so too can outdated software.

In fact, those pesky little update notifications you keep ignoring are actually ways of reminding you that current software is not at its optimum. Further, continuing to use outdated software, programs, or apps can even present a security flaw.

Many security patches are solved during software updates, so if you’re using outdated software – even when a newer version is available – you might be putting business data at risk.

Security flaws

It’s unfortunate to learn that many businesses are falling victim to online attacks and data theft. Whether it’s weak passwords or a reluctance to tackle the issue head-on, it seems security vulnerabilities don’t become too much of a problem until you’re faced with them.

But by that time, it might be too late.

Simple tips to enhance your business’s IT security:

  • Enforce STRONG passwords (and yes, use different passwords for every account)
  • Ensure your software, programs, and apps are up-to-date
  • Engage only secure cloud services
  • Back up!

Poor back-up methods

In a perfect segue from the final point above, we all know how important it is to back up important business documents and data.

But unless you know how to do it safely and securely (or can get someone else to do so), a backup strategy is pretty useless.

You understand backing up is important… but it’s just not in your scope. But what IS in your scope is engaging Business IT support professionals who you can rely on to safety backup your business’s important data.

Business IT support and services

As we said at the beginning of this post, you don’t have to be an IT aficionado to properly and safely engage with the right technology for your business.

It’s all about education and ongoing learning. IT shouldn’t be a burden to you; it should unleash a world of opportunity for you and your business. If you need IT support and services, get In2Tech.

Contact us today for reliable and honest support from IT pros who love what they do!

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