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We’ve had a number of clients in the last couple of weeks suddenly lose network connectivity for no apparent reason.







After much troubleshooting we found a solution that has fixed this particular issue and takes just a few minutes and no technical expertise.

Firstly, the issue:

For the non technical the issue is that you lose the connection to the internet.Limited Connection

Your Wi-Fi or network icon has an exlamation mark and indicates Limited Connectivity.

For those wondering what the scenario is, the below briefly outlines the issue and troubleshooting.

Operating System – Windows 10
Wi-Fi connects but doesn’t recieve the IP Address from the DHCP server (Router/modem).
Cabling directly to the router worked in one instance, but not another.
Likewise, adding a USB NIC worked on one computer but not another.
Other devices on the network such as iPads, Notebooks and phones DO have internet access.
Setting the  IP Address manually doesn’t help.  Likewise disabling and re-enabling to reset the NIC’s does no good.

OK, now the solution!

For the tech savvy here’s a quick text you can follow,  a more detailed Pictorial for those who require step by step instructions is below.

Warning!  Following this procedure will remove all your VPN, Wi-Fi and LAN settings and reset them to factory defaults. Proceed with this caution in mind.

Tech Savvy:  Start, Settings, Network and Internet, Status, Reset Network, Reset Now.


Step by step pictorial:

Open Settings Menu









Open Network Settings










Open the Reset Netork dialog














Reset your Network












After the computer reboots, you will need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and re-enter your Wi-Fi password.
Likewise set up any additional connections such as VPN’s.

Happy connecting!




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