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How to find the right IT Support company for your business.

Finding the right company to look after your IT needs is critical to ensure you get the service you require.
The selection process can be hit and miss, so here is a quick guide on how to find the right support company for you.


If others are receiving good service then this is an indication that the company is keeping people happy so check their website and ensure they have a good number of testimonials.
Good companies form good relationships with clients, ask if you can talk to one or two of the company’s clients, if you can’t speak with an existing client then move on down your list.

Pricing is not the only factor to consider

Whilst we all look for a good price, the old saying of you get what you pay for certainly applies to IT Support Companies.
A support company may offer you service at lower prices – but what kind of service can you expect?

If you want fast response, permanent fixes, on time services, and someone to take ownership of your IT troubles then expect to pay a commensurate rate.

Many support companies offer a number of payment rate options so be sure to ask what’s available.
A more expensive service should save you money by fixing issues quickly and ensuring they stay fixed.


You want a company that will be happy to discuss issues and resolutions and explain what is going on.
You don’t want to be afraid to ask a question so look for a company that is open and transparent in its dealings, offers full written reporting of all jobs and actually wants to help you.

Do they understand business?

Business systems are very different to home systems.   Almost every business relies on computers to run, so getting the correct advise is critical to your business continuity.
Likewise, getting the wrong advise can cost you dearly.
Find a company that specialises in Business IT Support, and has a proven track record in this area.
Ask them why they should be your IT Provider, what expertise will they bring to your business?  If they don’t have a good answer then move down the list.


Don’t settle for a company that only talks to you after you’ve pestered them for a few days. Your IT support provider should provide you with remote backup, on-site maintenance, on-demand support with a guaranteed response time.

Sometimes things go wrong, how that is dealt with speaks to the quality of service and support that a company provides.
Ask them to tell you about a job that went south and how they dealt with it.


Do they offer a comprehensive set of services?
Apart from having onsite, telephone and remote support, your IT Provider should be able to centralise your IT services.
Services such as Internet, MS Exchange Email, Business Grade Cloud Backup, Business Grade Antivirus and Monitoring Systems to name a few, should all be available and supported via the one company so you have one number to call for all your IT requirements.    Where this isn’t possible, make sure they will liaise with your 3rd party vendors.


Choosing the right company is critical to ensure your business is properly protected and supported so be diligent in your research and make sure your support company is the right fit for you.


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