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Sometimes we need to send files or even folders that are larger than our email systems can cope with, if you are using our Online Backup and Recovery system then you can send a file or folder up to 2000MB in size!

Here’s how…

Open a web browser and logon to the following link with your email and password credentials:

SOS Online Login














Once logged in, click on Recover & Share and then Browse.
Select the computer you wish to share files from, then navigate through to the folder or file in the bottom right hand window.















Once you have located the file or folder you wish to share, click the Share link to the right of the selection.

Select your folder or file share


Enter in a descriptive name for the share so you can identify it later.
Add a message so the recipient knows what the email is about.
Add in the contact’s name and email and then click Share to send the link.

Select receiver



If you want to remove access to the share, click on Manage Shares then View Shares
Then simply click on the Unshare link to the right of the share that you wish to remove.


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