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I was having lots of issues within our childcare service, with constant lagging of internet, dropping out of service, phone lines going offline consistently every day.  There was also a two-day minimum wait once I’d contacted our former IT-Support and tickets would be raised, but never completed by one person, therefore communication was constantly being misread.

One of our dads of the childcare center advised to get in touch with a colleague of his (Richard Kemp), who has extensive knowledge of the issues I was having, and to have a chat about what In2tech could do to support the business. 
At first, I was so reluctant as my knowledge in this industry is ZERO, I’m an operations manager for childcare services, therefore never entered the world of “Tech”.  I couldn’t be bothered with trying to explain all the issues and have Richard try to talk “jargon” to which I did not have the time, nor the inclination to try and be educated in.

After Richard visited me ONCE, he had explained in “dummy” terms what I needed for the business to flourish, and where we were falling down.  It was amazing, one meeting for two hours and we had a whole new system priced up, evaluated, custom made and ORDERED! it has been the most satisfying process to go through, thanks to Richard and his team who have the patience, empathy and knowledge to deal with customers who have no idea about technology, BUT do not try and sell you things that your business does not require.

Since moving over to In2tech, the communication is absolutely flawless. Every single phone call and email I have sent to In2tech has been supported and dealt with in a timely manner, along with a confirmation email closing the issue AMAZING. 
In relation to customer service, the support, communication and pricing has superseded the previous company we were using and we NEVER get issues that are not resolved within 10 minutes. 
From a financial perspective, Richard has a set fee for our business each month, and any added costs are agreed upon, which is what our business needs.

We are opening our second childcare service in Ormond and In2tech will be with us ALL THE WAY !

Lucy Holmes
Operations Manager

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